About us

Sabz Biomedicals Company, established in 2008 and certified as a science-based company in 2014, focuses on developing technologies related to regenerative medicine. The company has successfully produced various products in the field of tissue engineering, laboratory equipment, and specialized software for biomedical sciences. Having such experiences, in 2019, it was licensed to establish an accelerator called the "Accelerating Center for Gene Therapy (ACGT)" by the Vice President of Science and Technology. This accelerator aims to create an environment for the formation and growth of technology development cores by identifying and attracting well-qualified scientists, forming start-ups, co-investing with venture capitals, and providing commercial advice. The complexity of gene therapy technology necessitates collaboration among researchers, clinicians, venture capitalists, and industries to bridge the gap between knowledge and product development. Specialized accelerators play a crucial role in facilitating this coordination and optimizing resource utilization across different sectors.